Monday, January 09, 2017

A Time for recycling

I have been life drawing for over 15 years now, and apart from the instant rejects after a session, I throw a lot out every now and then when I look through them.
Even so I have huge piles of drawings... which is one of the reasons I mainly keep to about an A3 size for most of my regular life drawing sessions. This last week I decided on a more ruthless cull and was going to gesso over most of my A2 works and lots of the A3's but discovered that many of the sketches took on a new lease of life if I just trimmed them to an A3 size... they seemed to have a new impact!
Anyway after a lot of cropping I saved about 120+ drawings still have a huge pile to recycle for the coming year!

Pile of A2 and A3 drawings to recycle and some of the trimmings from the cropping

 a pile of A2 drawings to be recycled
and some of the salvaged drawings

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