Tuesday, September 30, 2014


one of the two portraits I attempted of Angelique at Saturday's group portrait session.

Oil 16 x 20

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Body & Soul

The Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre Life Drawing group is having its annual life drawing exhibition  'Body & Soul' at Glenbrook this weekend.

this is one of the flyers with some of  my drawings featured

Piggery Lane Studios Exhibition 2014

At the Piggery Lane Studios we decided to have an annual Art Exhibition and to be open on weekends over a month period, 13/09 - 12/10  to link in with other events that are on around UWS Richmond.

The opening on the 13th coincided with the Secret Garden Spring Fair on the campus grounds.  I sat in there  in the morning and sketched some 10 minute portraits... all children!

We had the official opening in the evening, music was provided by artist/actor/musician 'Jimmy Parbuckle'

  and  Greg Hansell gave a talk about the value of independent art groups and galleries

some photos of my studio area is it looks at present.

 and on October 11th, Earthcare, which occupies the same block as us will be having it's Spring Fair and the
  Piggery is open until on weekends until 12th October.

We are also grateful for the fine article that the Sydney Weekend Notes has been running for us