Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Showroom and Gallery

Alan Chipperfield a very unique and special friend of mine. He is 85 years old and lives in historic Price House in Richmond NSW (circa 1815), which is also the showrooms and display area for possibly one of the best antique and antique furniture restoration businesses in Sydney.

Alan works daily on restoring antiques to their former beauty, but he is also multi talented, plays the piano daily, is an avid chess player and has a razor sharp mind. He and I get together once a week to work on  painting portraits... just one of his many goals!

He is also extremely proud of his sons, one of whom is a world renowned architect and the other a journalist.

Recently Alan decided to convert an old dilapidated storage shed  into a Showroom and Gallery, and wanted to display some of my paintings in it.

It's almost finished, the. lights went in yesterday.

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