Wednesday, October 15, 2014

my system for saving paint

as a natural penny pincher, and because I like to use a brand of paint  for some colours that is not available in Australia, ( Vasari paints from New York ) it concerned me that I was wasting a lot of paint because it was  hardening on the palette in between uses... so I devised a system where I have virtually no wastage at all nowadays. I have shown this to quite a number of people and have even set some up with it.

I bought some laminex offcuts in a neutral grey colour from a kitchen maker (cheap)  and cut them to a size that fits neatly into a plastic A4 office container. (cheap)

I clip the flexible  laminex palette to a larger palette to use, and when I've finished painting put the whole unit neatly into the freezer compartment of the fridge and it is fresh and ready for use whenever I take it out... it's clean and with no waste.

I have one for portrait painting and one for landscape painting, and though it is not always practical to take one for plein air I can still preserve the paint onto it when I return to the studio.

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